16bit DOS port of c-ray

Ported c-ray (a simple ray tracer) to DOS (16bit) using Turbo C 3. Graphics output using mode 13h or mode-x. Also added Floyd-Steinberg dithering to improve the image quality in 265 colors.

Screenshots with and without dithering:

foo dithered foo

video of cray16 in action

Download cray16 (includes source code and binary)

16 color mode tests

16 colors 16 colors with dithering

32bit DOS port of c-ray

Another DOS port of c-ray, this time in 32bit protected mode with the Watcom C/C++ compiler and DOS4G/W. This time I used VESA VBE 2 to support high resolutions in true color.

Here is a screenshot of the 32bit DOS version running in dosbox:
32bit protected mode DOS port using VBE2

Download cray32 (includes source code and binary)