henge progress shots

The henge 3d engine project started at 18/10/2008.

grab a copy of the code from: svn://nuclear.dnsalias.com/pub/henge

first test: scene loading

[24/10/2008] Milkshape3D file loading (model/textures ripped from WoW)
milkshape3d file loading

[25/10/2008] Wavefront OBJ file loading (exported from blender)

second test: particles & shaders

[27/10/2008] The particle system of 3dengfx was ported over to henge, and tested inside an obj scene exported from blender. Also in order to test the GLSL shaders, the walls are per-pixel lit.
particle systems and shaders

render to texture & render-target stack

[19/11/2008] Implemented render to texture (both FBO, and faked with glCopyTexSubImage). A render-target stack is provided, to support recursive render to texture as demonstrated by the following screenshot:
recursive render targets

normal maps

[8/12/2008] Hacked a normalmap shader test. Tangent attributes are looking good :)
normal maps


[11/12/2008] Fractal terrain + heightmap + normalmap

cube maps

[20/03/2009] Cubemap support was half-implemented from the start. Finished and debugged cubemap loading, and wrote a simple fixed function cubemap reflection test. cubemap